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ECU Remapping


What is car engine remapping?
Remapping a car – also known as ‘chipping’ – is a quick and fairly cost-effective process that involves adjusting the programming on the microchip in your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) to overwrite the manufacturer’s factory settings. This allows your car to function at its full potential.

What are the benefits of car engine remapping

  • Better fuel economy.
  • Better control and driveability.
  • Easier towing.
Mo Auto Performance
Mo Auto Performance


Eco Remap is designed to give a responsive drive & better performance…

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Stage 1 remap couldn’t be put more simply than a remap designed …

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Stage 2 remap requires a certain level of hardware depending on the vehicle

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Gearbox Remapping

We offer Tuning for VAG DSG Gearboxes and the ZF8 Gearboxes

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Coding for german cars

Customise FUNCTIONS & SETTINGS Manufacturers have not unlocked

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Answer to 0 – 60 question

Unfortunately, we do not collect 0 – 60 data, however an increase of x bhp and x nm will without doubt have a positive effect on the acceleration of the vehicle.

Warranty Answer

In regards to warranty, inmost cases the dealer will be completely unaware that a vehicle has been tuned. If you look through our Facebook or website, you will see that we tune a lot of brand-new vehicles, some of which have been back to the dealer for servicing or scheduled recalls and have never had an issue with dealers identifying tuning. They do not have the correct equipment or knowledge to check the ECU software. However, there is always a small chance that if they look hard enough, they may find that a vehicle has been tuned. In our experience, it is unlikely that they will find it but we make every customer aware that there is a small chance that they may do and it is certainly something to keep in mind when choosing to tune a vehicle.

Naturally aspirated replies

The engine in your Corsa is naturally aspirated i.e., there’s no turbo or supercharger. Although some naturally aspirated engines benefit from a remap, this particular engine is not one that would benefit a great deal. Therefore, I would advise against a remap as the cost would outweigh the benefits. We would not want to tune it and you be disappointed with the outcome as the performance difference would be hardly noticeable on this engine.

I hope this helps and please feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you need a quote for another vehicle in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Speed Limiter replies

We may be able to help you. This will depend on how the limiter has been set up. If it was set within the ECU (Engine Control Unit), we will be able to remove it for you. If it was set in the BCM (Body Control Module), only the main dealer tool can remove it. There is no way of knowing this until we plug in to the van and take a read from it. The cost for the speed limiter would be £120 but we will not charge you if we find it has been set to the BCM and we are unable to do it

AdBlue Software Solutions

AdBlue is a chemical liquid used in Selective Catalytic Reduction SCR.

  •  2 hour
  •  £229.99
  •  Your Location
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AdBlue And EGR Solutions

What is included in Adblue And EGR Solutions?

The AdBlue fluid, composed of urea and demineralized water, is injected into the exhaust system just before a SCR catalyst. The introduction of AdBlue into the exhaust gases generates a chemical reaction inside the catalyst, which results in NOx being converted into nitrogen and water vapor.

AdBlue was introduced by vehicle manufacturers in order to hit the stringent emission targets set out by governmental bodies. It is sometimes referred to as DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).

The AdBlue and SCR system is a relatively complex creation, with an array of electronic sensors, modules and pumps. These systems can fail and can be expensive to maintain. A vehicle which is used on a regular basis will consume a large amount of AdBlue, and its tank will need to be refilled on a regular basis.

Our AdBlue delete service will electronically disable your cars’ AdBlue system, along with removing the associated dashboard lights and warning messages. Disabling the AdBlue system is completed by reprogramming the engine management system.

Our AdBlue delete service is strictly sold as an off-road use only product, driving your vehicle on the road with an AdBlue delete could result in prosecution. It is your responsibility to declare your modification to the relevant authorities.

Mo Auto Performance | AdBlue
Mo Auto Performance

AdBlue And EGR Solutions

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations or amends please contact us 24hrs before as soon as possible. If our technician arrives at your location, A cancellation fee and call-out charge will apply £49.99.


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