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Quality & Affordable Mobile ECU Remapping

Choose your driving experience and boost the performance of your vehicle with our mobile ECU remapping solutions! Whether you have a car, minivan, van, motorbike, or truck, we can boost your car’s power, fuel economy, and efficiency with mobile ECU remapping. Enjoy fully mobile ECU remapping and interest-free finance* options when you come to us! If you’ve been looking for quality and affordable mobile ECU remapping, give Mo Auto Performance a call today!

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    What is mobile ECU remapping?

    Benefit from our all-in-one fully mobile ECU remappinghere at Mo Auto Performance. We can make upgrading your car’s performance easy and stress-free by coming directly to you. ECU remapping, ‘chipping’ or ECU tuning is an easy and affordable way of boosting the performance of your vehicle.

    By adjusting the manufacturer’s programming on the microchip in your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) mobile ECU remapping overwrites the original settings. This means that we can replace factory settings with new software to re-programme your vehicle. Mobile ECU remapping helps your vehicle to function at its full potential by managing the fuel injection, airflow, sensors and much more.

    How does mobile ECU remapping work?

    Mobile ECU remapping is designed to overwrite the manufacturer’s factory settings and software with new software. This means that, within legal limitations, mobile ECU remapping gives you the freedom to customise your vehicle’s performance to your performance preferences.

    How is mobile ECU remapping done?

    We at Mo Auto Performance are leaders in mobile ECU remapping and can visit you wherever you are for high-quality and affordable mobile ECU remapping. We provide a lifetime software warranty for our mobile ECU remapping. If you’re wondering ‘How is ECU remapping done?’, here’s how we do it…

    Mo Auto Performance

    Economy Tuning

    By careful recalibration of your ECU software, we can improve fuel efficiency.

    Mo Auto Performance | Car Diagnosis

    Stage 1 Tuning

    This is designed for a vehicle in standard form with no mechanical modifications. The software will increase BHP and Torque whilst also providing an increase in MPG.

    Mo Auto Performance

    Stage 2 Tuning

    This provides a bigger increase in BHP and Torque. Often hardware upgrades are required before a Stage 2 Remap can be applied. Removes flat spots and gives a more responsive drive without compromising reliability.

    Efficiency, reliability and performance are of the utmost importance where mobile ECU remapping is concerned. This, combined with improved BHP TORQUE & MPG make our mobile ECU remapping solutions highly sought after. Give us a call today for more info!

    What are the benefits of car engine remapping?

    Mobile ECU remapping can improve the overall driving experience for all vehicle types including cars, minivans, vans, motorbikes and trucks. Here are the benefits of mobile ECU remapping …

    Better Fuel Economy

    Do you want to achieve better fuel economy? If so, then mobile ECU remapping is the answer. When your vehicle is driven strategically with a focus on rev range and gear changes, you will see fuel economy improve.

    Speed & Power Boost

    Mobile ECU remapping will enhance the speed and power of your vehicle. From the moment you get behind the wheel, you will feel the difference. What’s more, you could see your torque increase by up to 80nm.

    Better Control & Driveability

    If you want to improve the control and drive ability of your vehicle, then mobile ECU remapping is the answer. Mobile ECU remapping can make your vehicle more responsive, therefore giving you more control.

    Can any vehicle be remapped?

    Unfortunately, mobile ECU remapping isn’t available on all vehicles, typically due to their age. Vehicles manufactured before 2000 don’t generally have the software needed to make mobile ECU remapping possible. If you’re not sure if your vehicle can be remapped, give us a call today.

    Can I remap a vehicle myself?

    Unless you are an expert in mobile ECU remapping, we advise against remapping a vehicle yourself. Instead, speak to our mobile ECU remapping experts today – we’re here to help!

    Mo Auto Performance

    Interest-Free Finance Option*

    How much does ECU remapping cost?

    At Mo Auto Performance, we do what we can to help make the cost of mobile ECU remapping manageable. Therefore, we provide Payment Assist for all our products and services. All you need is a Debit Card with the 1st month’s payment and the remaining balance will be spread over the following 3 months. With no credit check required and guaranteed acceptance, you pay what you agree with us. Give us a call to speak about finance options for your mobile ECU remapping.

    *Payment Assist Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on the Financial Services Register under firm registration number 622544. You must have a valid UK-based debit card to be accepted by Payment Assist for finance. Credit cards and certain debit cards are not allowed, these include prepaid debit cards and cards that do not allow continuous payments to be set up. If you miss payments additional charges will apply.

    Boost your car’s power, fuel economy, and overall performance with us

    10+ Years of Experience

    Our company is built on years of knowledge in the automotive industry. We have a wealth of professional experience that’s highly recommended by our clients.

    Interest-Free Finance*

    We offer affordable and competitive prices and have the option of Interest-Free Finance available! Spread the cost of your mobile ECU remapping today!

    Fully Mobile Service

    Benefit from our all-in-one fully mobile vehicle services here at Mo Auto Performance. We can make upgrading your car’s performance easy and stress-free by coming to you!

    Enhance your driving experience with mobile ECU remapping, give us a call today!