About Us

Our company is built on years of knowledge

in the automotive industry. We have a wealth

of professional experience that’s highly

recommended by our clients.

Our founder himself has more than 10 years

of experience as an electrician and

automobile technician.

· 4-Year Mechanical Apprenticeship

· Head of Customs and Vehicle Technician

at KustomKingz

· Vehicle Technician and Electrician at Halfords Auto Centre


We stay at the forefront of the latest technology while retaining our knowledge of older classic cars. Whether your vehicle is old or new, we have the finest mechanics standing by to fix any problem you may have.


We understand how important your car is to you. We’ve built an unparalleled foundation of knowledge through rigorous training. 

Efficient Services to Benefit Your Ride

We optimise the performance and efficiency of virtually ANY vehicles to give owners a radically enhanced overall driving experience, increased fuel economy & improved performance as well as providing solutions to fix unwelcome DPF (Diesel Particular Filter) problems.

Boost your car’s power, fuel economy, and overall performance with Mo Auto Performance Ltd.

Our craft is our pride

Leave your car with pros who really care.