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Coding for German cars

Customise FUNCTIONS & SETTINGS Manufacturers have not unlocked

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Service Description

Code your car and unlock hidden features
If you have a BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, or Mini you can optimally code your car to fit your needs. What is coding? In modern vehicles, there are functions that the manufacturer has not activated.
Changing these settings is called coding.

Mo Auto Performance


Disable the automatic Start-Stop
Carly can help you disable annoying features, like the automatic engine Start-Stop system.


Change the exterior optics of your car with light coding.
Your car “hides” the different ways to customize the daytime running lights.
Close Mirrors/Windows/Sunroof/Convertible top from Remote
Needle Sweep
video in motion


Digital speedometer — show the speed digitally
Set the speed to show in the digital display below the speedometer.


Transform your parking system into the F model

Much more ++

We also do VCDS coding for AUDI, VW, SKODA
Price varies £49.99 Any 5 Coding

Mo Auto Performance


Mo auto performance ecu remapping

Our Stage 1 Remap is designed to work well within the safe tolerances of the vehicle with no modifications required. We only use genuinetools and licensed software to provide our tuning calibrations.
We are an authorised Winols Dealer. This means that all our tuning calibrations are expertly developed on a state-of-the-art V-Tech 4WD Rolling Road at the CodeX Performance HQ in Scotland. In addition to this, we carry out live data analysis on the roadto ensure that the vehicle is healthy allowing us to achieve the best performance from your vehicle whilst maintaining reliability.
Our Stage 1 Software Calibrations generally see the approximate performance increase for your
As well as an increase in BHP and Torque, we can also improve the throttle response wit smoother acceleration through the rev range.
The cost for our Stage 1 Software upgrade would be £250. This includes a full diagnostic health check and live data analysis before and after the remap to ensure that the car is running safely and as it should before we hand the keys back.
If you would like to get booked in or have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get back in touch.

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