Our Products & Services

  • Our maps are proven time and time again as reliable and effective.

    249.99 British pounds
  • We offer Tuning for VAG DSG Gearboxes and the ZF8 Gearboxes

    199.99 British pounds
  • AdBlue is a chemical liquid used in Selective Catalytic Reduction SCR.

    199.99 British pounds
  • DPF Problems Sorted.

    169.99 British pounds
  • Modern diesel engines are fitted with a component known as an EGR.

    149 British pounds
  • Having problems with your Diesel Particulate Filter? LIMP MODE!

    £299.99 Price Varies
  • Customise FUNCTIONS & SETTINGS Manufacturers have not unlocked

    49.99 British pounds


We strive to give you the best result from our services such as lower emission, restored power, and reconditioned torque. We take our industry leadership standing seriously. 
Refer to the calendar when placing a booking for our services.